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Undertake innovative research in humanitarian health science to discover and apply evidence-based strategies for prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and reintegration. 

Educate and Train

Educate and train individuals, governments and organizations on the latest theories and best practice approaches of humanitarian health science to allow for their evidence-based and practical application.


Empower individuals, communities, organizations and Governments to practically apply skills and expertise gained through research and education.


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Awards Two...

Two Syrian medical doctors displaced by that nation’s ongoing conflict...

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Weekly News Feb 20 - Feb 26, 2017

Humanitarian Emergency Weekly News Peru: Floods displace thousands There has...

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Weekly News Feb 13 - Feb 19, 2017

Humanitarian Emergency Weekly News Storm Dineo kills at least seven people in...

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Almost 10,000 Yazidis ‘killed or kidnapped in Isis

The true scale of the genocide inflicted...

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What The Pileup Of U.S. Disasters Means For The World

NPR Goats and soda What The Pileup Of U.S. Disasters Means For The World...

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JHVI & BIB Vaccine Day 2017

Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative & Berman Institue of Bioethics Vaccine Day...

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Careers in Humanitarian Health

Panelist: Lara Ho, Senior Technical Advisory for Health Research,...

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Humanitarian Health Seminar Series Session One

LECTURE: The humanitarian system is not just broke, but broken: recommendations...

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International Seminar on Mixed Migration in Southeast and...

Seminar Agenda | Dr. Courtland Robinson's Presentation The...

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